A Halloween and Autumn Story

Stepping on leaves was one of her favorite things to do in autumn. Especially when they got crispy after baking in the sun for some time. She wasn’t really sure if that’s why they got so crispy but that was her theory and she was sticking to it. That c-c-c-rrrrrrunch sound was one of the most satisfying sounds in the world.

But sometimes she did feel bad about it. She knew it was kind of silly but leaves were living things too, weren’t they? At least they used to be when still attached to the trees. And when did the leaves actually die anyway? Was it just before they broke off from their branch, as they fell, or once they hit the ground? Or was it when someone stepped on them? She didn’t know but now they were like tiny corpses littering the streets and she was stepping all over them. It was kind of like stepping on dead bodies or graves but not really expecting a hand to reach up and grab you.

But then she thought about it some more, and she was pretty sure that when she died she wouldn’t feel anything anymore herself. And it was probably the same with fallen leaves. Her soul would leave her body and go elsewhere and the only reason she could feel anything at all right now was probably because she still had her soul. It’s what made her alive, wasn’t it? So she just assumed the same thing applied to leaves and went on her merry way.

Another thing she really loved doing was jumping in big piles of leaves. She never did any raking herself but when she came across a neat pile of leaves she just couldn’t resist. And it just so happens that on this day she came across a pile of leaves. No one had jumped in it yet. She thought that was a bit odd because she’d noticed other ruined piles of leaves along the way, but for some reason this one remained untouched. And it was a big pile of leaves too. Probably the biggest she’d ever seen.

She looked around her, making sure that no one was about to scold her for making a mess. She took a deep breath, took a few big steps back and ran. She ran until she was leaping and flying and then falling into the arms of the biggest pile of leaves in the world. The fall lasted mere seconds but it felt like forever, she was so happy. And that’s when she felt it grab her. A hand, reaching up from the leaves to pull her under. And just before everything went black she heard a small sinister voice wondering aloud about what sort of “satisfying crunch her bones would make.”

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